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Raising the bar for copy at Upraised with voice and tone design

At the beginning of 2022, Upraised had cracked how to upskill product managers with the Career Accelerator Program. The natural next step was to build a strong suite of programs to upskill. 


And the time was right to raise the bar for writing across all touchpoints – landing pages, course feedback, email campaigns and instructor communications. 

Designing the "Upraised" voice and tone

Through interviews with Mona Gandhi, the founder, I understood what kind of organisation Upraised wanted to be – accessible to those who couldn’t afford expensive master’s degrees, giving hope for a better professional future and encouraging their users to work towards it. I derived Upraised’s voice principles from these and they guide every piece of communication and writing. 

Optimistic example.jpg

I organized all touchpoints with potential and existing users on two axes – actionable and non-actionable; positive and negative. I defined the tone for all four quadrants in this 2x2 framework and these became Upraised’s tone principles. 

Voice and tone in action: Landing pages, course feedback and email campaigns

In the organisation’s voice and tone, I wrote copy for landing pages for all of Upraised’s programs. I worked with the design team on finding ways to combine smart design and punchy copy into a landing page that converts. 


I rewrote course feedback for all modules of the Career Accelerator Program and wrote copy for email journeys for Upraised’s instructors. 


With voice and tone principles, every team member is equipped to write in the “Upraised” way. That Upraised supports their users in their journey towards a better career is reinforced by the voice in which they write their content.  

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