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The Golden Circle of Writing

I’ve been writing for over a decade. There have been phases of manic creation where I felt inspired and then phases of feeling totally lost. Every writer has this sinusoidal journey. Over the years, I’ve learnt to accept and lean into these cycles of creation and consumption.

But there is also a pattern to when the urge to create, write in my case, washes me over — it’s when I know why I am writing, how I’d like to write and what I want to write about. The Golden Circle of Writing.

My takeaway is that wanting to write isn’t enough. Sure, it’s where you start, but by itself, it’s a vague goal. It takes more than that to turn intention into action. Knowing the Why, the How and the What help. And when it comes to writing, this is where most people struggle.

This is what I’ve learnt from years of helping friends, colleagues and family members write more. When a friend said he wanted to write to build a personal brand, I coached him on what he would be best suited to write about. Or when a colleague said he wanted to write more, I dug deeper to figure out what his writing goal was. Or when a friend reached out for help writing his SOP for a Master’s program, I helped him find a writing style that felt authentic to him.

I enjoy this. Writing can be an incredibly powerful way to build a personal brand or to document your life. To share what you think and how you feel with the world. I’d love for more people to write. That’s why I’ve designed The Golden Circle of Writing, a 1:1 program for people to find their why, their how and their what for writing.

How is the program structured? We will meet four times over a 4 to 6 week period so that I can understand your goals and a writing process that will work best for you. The four meetings will be:

  1. Why Write? — We discover your writing goals and your potential audience.

  2. Finding Your Way — We find a writing style that feels true to you and prepare to write your first piece.

  3. Workshop — We edit and workshop your first piece together, and get it ready for publishing.

  4. The Next Five — We brainstorm ideas for your next five pieces and You get Your Personalized Writing Playbook prepared by me.

These meetings will be remote or in-person, if you’re located in and around Central Bangalore, and the fees is Rs. 5000. If you’re interested, book a 15 minute intro call to get more details!

To more writing, and more writers.

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