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Nothing except rocket science, is rocket science. UX writing is a skill anyone can learn. With a few books, a couple more articles and some common sense, anyone can write UX copy that doesn't suck. 

Here is a collection of all the resources that helped me become a better UX writer: 

Why UX writing is important

Are you a UX Writer?

By Edwin Mohammad 

UX writing is Designing

By Akhfhin Rahardhiyanto, Nadila Dara, & Nadiya Amalina Saptari

Why your design team should hire a UX writer 

By John Saito


The value of UX writing 

By Jennie Tan 

UX writing fundamentals 

Writing for Interfaces 

By Apple

Microcopy: The Complete Guide 

By Kinneret Yifrah 

Strategic Writing for UX 

By Torrey Podmajerskey 

Working with designers

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