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Open Network

I built Openhouse’s campus ambassador program. I found student campus ambassadors in 10 schools across Kolkata and Bengaluru and trained students to run a co-branded Instagram page celebrating their school’s student community and their school’s student culture.

By working with 100 student ambassadors across 10 schools, I was able to drive brand awareness with over 2000 students.


Openhouse has a huge body of students on our Instagram page. The content we create is for them and sometimes, by them. Through posts and campaigns that connect with Gen Z, that deliver value to them and by interacting with our students on Instagram lives, we’ve created a community through content.

At present, that community is 11k strong and it’s only growing.



I created content for our LinkedIn page that represented our learning philosophy and our values as a company.

Our LinkedIn page served as a digital storefront for potential employees as well as parents.

Over 9 months, the page grew organically by over 5000 followers.

UX Writing

Openhouse created an app, a digital lobby and a video conferencing platform designed for learning online.

I wrote copy for all digital products at Openhouse, guided by only one principle of allowing the user to navigate our products with ease.


Voice and tone design

I built a voice and tone guide for Openhouse to bring consistency to how we communicate with all our stakeholders and define how we speak to our students, our teachers and our parents. 

Writing club

I was responsible for building an 8-week curriculum for creative writing for students from Class 6 to 12. I created session plans, learning content and ran lead generation campaigns for the club. 


Openhouse Clubs is India's first online platform that enables students to explore their passions and hobbies beyond the classroom.


PR articles 

I created a consolidated press kit for Openhouse that was sent to journalists in digital and print publications.

I wrote PR articles for YourStory, The Financial Express, The New Indian Express and News18.

The Openhouse Podcast

I hosted The Openhouse Podcast, which gave students a platform to talk about everything that mattered to them. We chose themes that students didn't get to talk about at school or at home, from living with ADHD to having an eating disorder to coming out to one's parents and friends. 

In a season of twenty episodes, we hosted Gurmehar Kaur, Atul Khatri, Ananya Johar and Anwesh Sahoo as guest speakers. 

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